Plastic Free July 2016



Our lives are full of plastic. Shoes? Rubber soles. Food packaging? Foil. The laptop I type this on? Plastic. In some cases plastic is hardly avoidable, but for all other cases there is the Plastic Free July challenge.

I tried reducing my plastic-buying habits before and then got lazy and didn’t really stop but didn’t really pursue this experiment further, either. This June I’m ready to try again to make a difference, how tiny it might be. I’m keeping track of the single-use plastic I bought, and of the long-term plastic, too. I hope it won’t be too much in the end!

Please check out the website above for more information about Plastic Free July and come back for updates about my own trials and errors this month.

Are any of you taking the challenge, too?


4 thoughts on “Plastic Free July 2016

  1. Ich war gestern auf dem Vainstream und mit jedem Tritt, ist mir ein bisschen das Herz gebrochen. Vielleicht etwas overly dramatic, aber es hat geknirscht, als ob man über Kies ginge.. Dürfte ja wohl drin sein, Pfand auf wiederverwendbare feste Plastikbecher zu erheben um den Müll zumindest einzudämmen.

Any thoughts?

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