Plastic Free July – Week 1.5

We’re almost two weeks in. So far it’s going abysmal.

Why? Because we had more than one week of contaminated tap water. I usually don’t buy bottled water but had to recently, and let’s face it, plastic bottle six packs are easier to carry than the whole box-with-glass-bottles thing. Well, at least the bottles were returnable. By now the alarm is over and we’re able to drink from the tap again.

It’s also surprisingly hard to find the time for conscious grocery shopping at the moment, not only with the internship (where I work nine to five) but also with all that happened last week.

Things that are really hard to come by without plastic wrapping this week:

  • nori
  • pasta (there is one brand with paper packaging, and they’re homophobic)
  • pills
  • toilet paper
  • lactose-free yoghurt

I plan on starting over this week though, with decent bentō and non-bottled water. Maybe I’ll even find the time to make pasta from scratch, but I wouldn’t bet on it…

I hope your Plastic Free July (if you partake) is going better than mine so far!

P.S.: Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate them.


2 thoughts on “Plastic Free July – Week 1.5

  1. Weren’t you able to cook the water for 10min or wouldn’t that have helped? We had contaminated water for two weeks in the Stadtwald once (seems to be a thing in Marburg), but they told us as long as you cook it for some time it’s OK. We just set the biggest pot we had on the stove every morning and stored the water in bottles afterwards. But i guess that does not work with all types of Kontamination :/

    1. It would have worked but I’ll have to admit that aside of being pretty busy and basically barely at home I wasn’t too keen on the chlorine aftertaste the water got through the decontamination.

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