(Life) Style Tips in August


  • Soak up every bit of sunlight, days are already getting shorter. To spend more time outside why not take your books to a lake or riverbank and study there or have dinner in the garden or on a rooftop of your choosing?
  • Speaking of Autumn coming and dinner: Try to use up all the stored food stuff in your pantry. You’ll stock up again come the colder days anyway and in the end it will expire so why not get experimenting? In most cases all you’ll need are a few fresh greens (or reds or oranges or yellows) to make something new and unexpected and in the process you’ll safe money (from eating the things that only gather dust anyway) and maybe find a new favourite dish!
  • The beginning of a new school year is upon us: the ideal time to stock up on unusual stationary even outside webshops. Fist-size erasers in shape of gorilla figurines? Check. Smart-ass quote pencils? Check. Pastel cute fountain pens? Check. Want a fresh start? Get one of the day planners that start with July and go for 18 months to draw a clear line for the next school year, semester or – in my case – a new stage of life in general.
  • If you have a friend who’s starting something new why not make them a school cone? Schultüten are a German tradition in which children starting school for the first time get big paper cones filled with sweets, stationary, lunch boxes and other more or less useful knickknacks to ease the transition process. There’s no reason to give those only to first-graders in my opinion, so why not take a small personalised cone and make it a little happy-making cornucopia?
  • Use a jar or some string to make Summer mementos. Put in or braid in dried flowers, branches, small bottles of water, candy wrappers or sugar packets from your favourite ice cream parlour, shells or whatever will remind you of the Summer of 2016. Add your favourite memories, seal the jar or knot the string and put it somewhere you can see it during the drearier days of the year. Mine will have rock sugar and straw from ConQuest and daub pieces.from the dig!

4 thoughts on “(Life) Style Tips in August

  1. Welcome back! Are you graduating? :O Congratulations on the move, I can’t wait to see your new place :)

    (P.s. My husband is at archaeology field school this week, too XD)

    1. Thanks! I’m not graduating yet, I’ still enrolled in Marburg but will be writing my B.A. thesis from Hannover.
      Oh, your husband’s an archeologist, too? How cool! What’s his chosen field?

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