10 Things I ♥ in August


  1. ConQuest. It’s my happy place, and the Western Seal is my extended con family.
  2. Little Girls Are Better At Designing Super Heroes Than You on tumblr. It’s an art project that brings little girls’ super hero costumes – cosplay or original – to paper as actual comic characters.
  3. Tattoo Prints by Flotsam And Jetsam Art. I could never resist old-fashioned sailor-style tattoos so these prints make me really happy. I think of purchasing the Storm in a Teacup one for the new place. Hat tip to Polly for showing off her copy of the same print!
  4. Having my own tent for LARP. A plain canvas tent that won’t wreck the ambience is something that had been on my list for some years now. A few weeks ago I finally took the plunge and ordered. It’s not big, just enough space for me, the stuff I need on LARP and – as seen at ConQuest – the groceries (a second bedroll for someone without a lot of luggage would fit in there instead, too) but it’s just right for me as it is.
  5. Stargazing. I even caught a few shooting stars during ConQuest, one of the best and most magical experiences I had this year.
  6. Deutschlandradio Kultur is my go-to live stream station at the moment. I love their versatile programs, especially the surreal Wurfsendungen and the literary excursions. Their music is quite to my taste, too, and this way I’m actually keeping up with the world news – how dire those might be at the moment.
  7. The Heavy. I first heard them in Borderlands 2. The Heavy are the kind of band that produce the perfect soundtrack for asskicking and adventure in a modern setting.
  8. The Abduction Club. I’ve been wanting to watch this for ages and when I spotted the DVD on a friend’s shelf during an afternoon of training and crafting I seized the opportunity right away. Based on a real-life concept the film is set in the late 1700s Ireland where second and third sons dread the idea of spending their lives penniless due to lack of inheritance. To avoid going into military or clergy careers they take to abducting girls from rich families to try and talk them into marriage within 24 hours.
    The Abduction Club is what I’d call a costume romantic comedy with a good deal of swashbuckling and comedy elements thrown in. There are far too few non-dramatic frock flicks so this is a rare, wonderful gem.
  9. Creating coats of arms for fictional places. Crests usually tie in somehow with the history of a place, family or organisation so you’ll automatically think about that, too.
  10. The Move. Well, obviously it’s exciting. I can’t wait to see the new flat!

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