Somewhat Weekly Vlog: Loveletter To My Friends

The vlog in which I start crying because of the power of friendship.
Too long, didn’t watch? Here’s the gist: I’m going to miss people. Badly.
I also don’t know when we’re going to have a stable internet connection at the new place. Don’t worry if nothing happens here for another few weeks, but maybe things will work out faster than we think now.

I also decided to tweet about the move tomorrow under #aarghthemove from about 11 AM CET. Wish us luck!

P.S.: The bonfire was nice, almost everyone came by to say their farewells and I got wonderful parting presents about which I’m going to blog as soon as I’ve unpacked them in Hanover.


8 thoughts on “Somewhat Weekly Vlog: Loveletter To My Friends

  1. This is such a sweet and lovely video. I’m glad you have such supportive friendships! Good luck with the move, and I hope this is the start of a wonderful new adventure for you.

    1. Oh, I’m glad you like the video, I was really not sure whether posting it was a good idea or not.
      I’m so looking forward to exploring a new place, thanks for the good wishes!

  2. Oh, du bist so süß. Ich hab jetzt auch ganz feuchte Augen :D Es ist schön deine Videos zu sehen und ich glaube du bist erfolgreich mit deinem Vorsatz Gefühle dadurch besser zum Ausdruck zu bringen.
    Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass beim Umzug alles glatt läuft, du dich schnell einlebst und das Marburg-Heimweh nicht zu groß wird! <3

  3. Oh, I only saw this just now. Thank you so much for mentioning me, my trusted lolita-buddy :) I hope we can have an elegant/cute stroll through Hannover as well!

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