10 Places To Find In A New Town (or City)


We’re here! Actual internet connection will still take some time but I finally have time to sit down and write a post again.

  1. A supermarket. Not just any supermarket but one you actually like shopping at. Sure it’s all psychology to make you buy more but what use is a store you don’t like? Maybe it’s not the nearest one but it’s the one that carries the range of stuff you actually want to buy instead of the one where you just sprint in, grab random – most probably unhealthy – stuff and dash out again because you dislike the place so much.
  2. A place to eat out (read: sushi all-you-can-eat). Find something suited to your budget and taste, something where you can take your family when they visit.
  3. The next farmer’s market near you. Fresh produce with less packaging? Yes please! Shopping at an actual market is also a great gateway habit to seasonal and local eating.
  4. A library. Find one and get a card! Not only is a library a never-ending source of new movies, games and books, it’s also a great place for introverts to hide in if it gets too loud and busy at home.
  5. A favourite park or other spot to calm down in nature. For me this is one of the most important things to find when I move – something where I can forget I’m in the city, a place where I still feel connected to the Earth I walk on.
  6. A gym/running route/public pool. Something where you can move and shake. Maybe it’s time to try out a new sport anyway?
  7. A drugstore that actually carries your favourite stuff. Where you can get your favourie eyeliner, hair wash soap, condoms or laundry detergent. Like the supermarket it’s important that you like the place you shop in.
  8. Craft supply shop. If you’re like me you can’t stand being without a project, and sometimes you need new fabric/bookbinder’s glue/parchment/star-shaped sequins/silk flowers/fake teeth. Know where you can get the best stuff for the best price. Become a regular.
  9. Talking of becoming a regular, another thing would be a thrift shop. Find this one early on, it’ll save you so much money on the quest for perfect furniture (and maybe home decor). Find one for “hardware” and one for clothing, and then maybe another one. And another. You know the drill.
  10. A café for your hot beverage needs. Essential for the modern hipster, the Mori person, the aspiring writer and the people-watching intellectual with a Simone De Bouvier book alike a favourite café is something you should find and make your second living room.

There are more things that might prove essential, of course. I left out the RPG shop, fabric dealer, book and stationary shops, museums… but ten was a good number. I’m so excited to cross things from my own list soon!

Tell me, what are your essential places you need to find after moving somewhere new?

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6 thoughts on “10 Places To Find In A New Town (or City)

  1. For me its always been the supermarket! Without a supermarket within driving distance, you’re in trouble here. ;) Norway doesnt really have those old fashioned sort of farmers markets/food markets, eating out is too expensive to do on a regular basis, and drugstores here only sell medicines, so finding a supermarket is definitely the only way to survive hehe. Fabric, books, makeup, computer stuff etc are ordered online from other countries for a fraction of the price. :)

  2. Hihi, in der Liste konnte ich mich schon gut wiederfinden. :D
    Ich habe während meines Auslandssemesters festgestellt, dass der nächste Briefkasten für mich auch so ein Punkt ist, der mir wichtig ist. (Monatelang bin ich 20 Minuten zur Uni gegangen, um dort Briefe einzuwerfen. An meinem letzten Tag habe ich festgestellt: Der nächste Briefkasten wäre direkt 100 Meter vor meinem Haus gewesen!)

    Teeläden finde ich noch wichtig. Und Läden für gebrauchte Bücher machen mich auch sehr glücklich. Als ich vorletzte Woche – leider nicht in meiner Stadt, aber immerhin in einer, in die es mich häufiger verschlägt – ein Büchercafé gefunden habe, war ich endgültig im Glück.

    (Merkt man, dass ich zum ersten Mal seit längerer Zeit wieder Muße habe, in Blogs zu gucken? Der Kommentar-Tsunami rollt an!)

    Liebe Grüße,

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