(Life) Style Tips in September

Brokeloh fields

  • Even though the new school year at Hogwarts has already begun don’t hesitate to fly your house colours this month! I pine for cooler weather so I can wear my Hufflepuff scarf again and the beginning of Autumn is a great time to try out the hundreds of butterbeer recipes out there.
  • In the same spirit get yourself a fountain pen – a very simple one, one with a calligraphy  nib, one with beautiful plumes, whatever strikes your fancy, and work on your handwriting.
  • Following up you could even take on learning a new script style, be it Cyrillic, Tolkien’s Tengwar or Cirth, Gothic or Sütterlin!
  • Do an opposite spring cleaning (or, if you happen to live in the southern hemisphere, spring cleaning). Dust off everything, hang your blankets outside on a sunny day, use herbs in your floor wash and clean the windows. You’ll probably spend more time inside now that the dark half of the year is about to begin so make it as comfy and clean and nice as you can.
  • Look for preserved historical homes in your area and add elements fitting the respective period to your outfit when you visit them! It doesn’t take much, maybe it’s a well-wrapped cravat, maybe just a bit of bling, or a special hairstyle, but it will certainly make you feel more connected to the people who lived there without all the attention you’d get if you dressed up completely in period garb.

4 thoughts on “(Life) Style Tips in September

  1. I feel the same, I want to wear my Gryffindor scarf again already! It’s still so hot here… DX By the way, did you ever finish reading the series (I looked back at one of your previous posts)? I’m really struggling with the last two books because they’re becoming so dark, and it’s not really what I need right now.

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