UFO Friday

UFO Friday is the (somewhat) weekly feature where I show you what I did crafting-wise this week.

It’s the first UFO Friday from the new place!


I’ve been mostly busy with woodworking and screwing boards to walls and the like. My biggest project so far was the “add-on” to my (already selfmade) bed. It’s a four-poster bed now, and I took pictures of the whole thing so there’s going to be a tutorial/how-to!


Sorry for the grainy pictures.
This isn’t the last you’ll see of this striped fabric. It’s part of one of the first “vanity projects” I’ve done for my room so far and I documented the progress here, too.


And last but not least I took a seam ripper to this little guy I found at Oxfam today. It needed a wash and I thought it might be filled with rice. Alas it turned out the filling was little plastic pellets so they wouldn’t be ruined by water, but in cases like this it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What are your crafting projects at the moment or what did you finish this week? I’d love to read your answers in the comments!


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