10 Things I ♥ in September

10 Things I love in September 2016

  1. Mark Heine’s Sirens, beautiful paintings of underwater beings, never sure if they are real or a thing of myth and magic.
  2. Our new place! To put it in the words of Ronald Weasley once again: “It’s not much, but it’s home.” (I also used a Pottermore picture of the Burrow, but there will be pictures of the place soon, I promise!) It’s cozy and cute and my window goes out to the backyard where doves coo and Scoundrel even spotted a squirrel already.
  3. Julie Fowlis. I already knew her from the Brave OST but had the pleasure to listen to her during our initial drive to Hannover because Pwyll, who was on the steering wheel, is a big fan, too. Visit her website here!
  4. MycoWorks, a projecthttp://www.mycoworks.com/#features to make faux leather out of mycelium. I love the general feel of leather and I dislike synthetic leather most of the time (it ages horribly, barely lasts and the process of making it isn’t really environmentally friendly, either) but should there arise a new opportunity made from – essentially – fungi… I’m always a fan of new sustainable ways to make things, and I love mushrooms. What can I say, I’m smitten with the idea and I can’t wait to see the first products to come out next year!
  5. The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures. I’m reading There’s No Time Like Show Time at the moment after I found it at the open book shelf. The world it’s set in checks most boxes of what I want from a book: Anthropomorphic mice? Check. Other furry critters? Check. Silly names? Check. Food porn? Check. Being a fan of Redwall, Mouse Guard and Brambly Hedge I couldn’t just let it stay at the shelf, could I. I admit that though it’s supposedly set in modern times I imagine the Mouse World in a bit of a Golden 20s fashion. Here’s the website, by the way!
  6. Autumn! It’s getting cold and the leaves are changing colours. I can finally wear layers again without sweating to death! Another plus are all the autumn-themed decor items in the stores. Autumnal flower crowns, here I come.
  7. Finally catching up with BakeOff! Now that this seems to be the last BBC-, Mel-and-Sue- AND at least Mary-hosted series (*insert extensive complaining here*) I’ll make sure to take my time with it. It’s visual comfort food after all.
  8. Annika Victoria’s Youtube Channel that’s stuffed to the brim with clever DIY videos, especially the “Make Thrift Buy” series in which she tries to DIY versions of things from the internet that viewers send her. Click here to watch! And she also has a blog.
  9. While we’re on Youtube have a look at Camp Camp. It’s a Rooster Teeth animation series about your typical American Summer camp – or not. Just imagine a show where Gravity Falls meets Southpark meets Happy Tree Friends. I especially adore Dave the ever-blissful camp counselor (and his speech in the season finale really warmed my heart – it’s so very, very true. But no spoilers) and I might have the theme tune permanently stuck in my head.
    I do hope they’ll make a second season eventually, someday.
  10. Fairypunk. What a delightful genre, style and subculture! Here‘s the tumblr that explains it all. Well, that explains as far as it can.

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