Thrifting in September ’16

After a two-months hiatus for this feature (you know, with moving house and everything) I’m back to showing you what I thrifted this month! I’m not quite familiar with all the thrift shops around town yet but so far Hanover has proven to be a good hunting ground.

Thrifting Sept. '16: Candles and Fabric

My new bedroom is still in dire need of a curtain of some kind so I ventured out to find fabric (not that I don’t have enough already…). I happened to find this cotton blanket with a homespun flair right after work, and now that the sewing machine is set up again I can’t wait to decorate my window.
The candles were a lucky find, too, as I happen to own two small candle holders that were basically made for tree lights like these. As for the trim… I can never resist craft supply.

Thrifting Sept. '16: Waistcoat

Thrifting Sept. '16: Waistcoat details

I also can’t resist fancy vests. This one fit perfectly even though it was marked two sized under what I usually wear. Look at those pretty buttons and the shiny lining! The back is the finest, softest leather I’ve ever touched.

Thrifting Sept. '16: Skirt

Thrifting Sept. '16: Skirt details

I found this skirt on the rack next to the vest, plaid and corduroy and patches convincing me to take it home. It has some sort of Sarah Kay/Holly Hobbie vibe to it and is perfect for windy Autumn days (I’ve tested it).

Thrifting Sept. '16: Cutlery details

I’ve always wanted to try and make jewelery out of cutlery and decided that these would do fine for my first experiments. The large fork is even aluminium so it’s easy to bend. The tiny spoon without a crest in contrast is silver. The fabric underneath is a thrift find, too!

Thrifting Sept. '16: Fabric & Yarn

Thrifting Sept. '16: Basket

I began the June post of this feature with baskets and I end this one with the fruit’s basket I brought home. I think rustic baskets make kitchens so much more comfortable and cozy!

So much for my thrifting adventures this month (the first full one in Hanover!). Have you had any good finds lately?


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