5 Things to invest in for a new Place (even if Money is tight)

5 Things to invest in for a new place (even if money is tight)

So we’ve been in the new place for a month now and it’s slowly but steadily into a real home. In the progress I took notes of what made this home an actual home, and here is what I found, even without the budget of your usual homemaker blog:

  1. LIGHT. In capitals. As in “decent bulbs”. Good lighting can make even the darkest of huts a cozy home. We bought 60W LEDs with warm light for our place – more expensive than the ones we bought before but they last ages, don’t have any mercury in them and the light is amazing so the money was incredibly well spent.
  2. A cozy rug. IKEA has rag rugs from 2€ up, and you’ll get larger ones at simply home decor shops like Xenos or even the hardware store for about 10€. Rugs soften any room and provide a place to just flump down on the floor if you tend to do that (hello fellow flumper!).
  3. Drapes or blinds. Even if you have shutters a bare window is just a big, often hard hole in the wall. It’s not only about the possibility of neighbors or passers-by staring in but also about the general feeling of safety. I can sleep perfectly well with the curtains open but I need something around the window! Maybe it’s the decor aspect, maybe it’s about having the choice to shut out the world, anyway, put something around that window.
  4. A plant. Plants are good for the room climate, green is good for your mood and if they’re edible they are a great addition to your kitchen, too! Make sure to pick something suited to your lighting situation and your patience. A rarely chosen option are water plants! Spider plants are near impossible to kill off as are Devil’s Backbones (which survive in far to small pots and without water for and impressive amount of time) and succulents might need light, but rather little space and are cute in fancy cups or dollhouse furniture and/or crockery instead of mere planters.
  5. A decent kettle, be it an electric one or one of the stovetop variety,  is one of the most important things in a household. An electric kettle was the very first appliance I bought for my studio! Not only can you make tea with it (that’s one of the most important uses, anyway) but also coffee and instant noodles.

4 thoughts on “5 Things to invest in for a new Place (even if Money is tight)

  1. I guess you’re pretty right about these points. I have to admit that I do not have any curtains in my “new” flat and I am not sure yet if I’ll change that due to the fact that they are part of the pitched roof. Hm.


    1. Having no curtains works fine with skylights in my opinion, I just have lived (and live again) on a raised ground floor for the last few years and well, there are no roof-lights there…

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