10 Things I ♥ In October


  • Inktober is the perfect challenge for me to practise my drawing more. I’ve fallen out of the habit to draw every day so I’m trying to get back into it. I’ll post the results of every week here on the blog, but if you don’t want to wait you can check on my facebook page where I’ll post every day’s drawing.
  • The new Pottermore Patronus sorting. Mine is a hedgehog, and according to this tumblr,
    The first impression of an individual with a hedgehog patronus can be very deceiving. On the outside, they can first appear happy-go-lucky and kind, as well as slightly naive. They are optimistic individuals in the way they want to be happy and have the feeling rub off on others, but this is not who they are completely. Rather, they actually have a tough personality to them, and have the ability to fight and defend themselves. Do not take the for weaklings, because they certaintly are not, and are much more persceptive than they appear. The most common house for a hedgehog patronus is Hufflepuff. […]
    Well, they got it quite right, isn’t that lovely? Have you already discovered your Pottermore patronus and if so, what is it? I’d love to know!
  • Tinycup Needlework does amazingly small and pretty embroidery. I adore their motif range as well, beehives and skeletons and things that remind me of ghost towns in the Wild West.
  • Stranger Things. This one was inevitable, wasn’t it? Or as Scoundrel put it, “You can’t really get past it on the internet these days”. He’s right. I love how they captured the atmosphere of 80s (and early 90s, to be honest) kid adventures, how they managed to get the overall look so very right (this is how the 80s are supposed to look, Carrie Diaries!) and how well they left the viewers hanging in the end to whet our appetites for a second season. What else? Dustin is my favourite kid, yay for Dungeons & Dragons visibility!, and I want justice for Barb.
  • Woonyoung Jung, or more precisely their illustrations, featuring lovely modern witches and athletic dinosaurs.
  • Textile art by Mysouldesign on Etsy. I’m, of course, particularly fond of the fungi.
  • Cécile Corbel. She’s basically the new Loreena McKennitt, with the only major difference that the hails from Brittany in France rather than Canada. She’s been around for a while already and has accumulated quite the following in the Mori community, too. Not only does she make the most beautiful music, she also has a fascinating backstory and a degree in archaeology. Should she happen to play a concert near me some day you’ll most probably find me there! Here’s her home on the Web.
  • Drakensang: The River of Time, second of the The Dark Eye computer game adaptions. For all the non-Germans out there: The Dark Eye (or Das Schwarze Auge in German) is the essential German P&P RPG. Rather low fantasy and with a compact, detailed core setting it was the “gateway drug” for most RPGamers I know. Drakensang II might be six years old by now but a story is a story and I love the scenery! And the hats. Why does my character only have one head?!
  • Lost and Taken provide beautiful high-resolution stock textures for free, on a if-you-happen-to-have-the-money-a-donation-would-be-nice basis. I’m using one of their wallpapers for my latest online project!
  • Visiting my old hunting grounds. Well, I’m not out partying, so I mean general “existence grounds”, and by that I mean Marburg. It’s so nice to see everyone again! In fact I’m there right now, typing this from Bambi’s sofa.

6 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ In October

  1. Drakensang 2 is such a great game. I play it over and over again trying out different characters and like it even more than Drakensang 1 because it tells a smaller story that is not about saving the world for a change. The next time I am GMing the Phileasson campaign I will rewrite The River of Time into a group adventure to play just afterwards. Imagine them just wanting to rescue a 3000 year-old elven princess and ending up in even more trouble…

  2. Ah, Stranger Things! Finally a series that lived up to the hype! We binge-watched it over 2 or 3 days and loved it :) Mike is my favourite, such a sweet kid <3. But Dustin is definitely the brains of the operation :P. Apparently Barb is going to be in the next series!

    And a hedgehog is very you! The descriptions on that tumblr were really hit and miss for me, though – not sure why they give cats would be a Slytherin animal when Minerva McGonagall, the *cat animagus*, is in Gryffindor…

    And yay, art! I can't wait to see! :) I've started an art blog (I've tried to link it, not sure if it works…), but I'm still trying to find my style, so it's a bit all over the place right now.

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