Inktober Days 1-10

What, it’s already the 17th? I’ve been quiet lately, I know, but I was on the road, visiting my Mum and Marburg and other family and there was not always an internet connection readily available.
Anyway, I kept up with Inktober and I wanted to show you the first 10 drawings – good and not-so-good.

expecto hedgehog

Day 1: A picture of me with my hedgehog patronus, including my Hufflepuff scarf.


Day 2: Verdinium gave me the prompt “Ivy”.


Day 3: Witchsona, in this case a witch from rugged shores who knots storms into tows, flies a harpoon instead of a broom and hunts whale hunters and people who leave their garbage on beaches.


Day 4: A wooly pig, probably the witch’s familiar, probably named Woolypig.


Day 5: Beardrops. I started buying my jellies at the packaging-free supermarket and wanted a nice label for the glass I use there.

Frankenstein's Dachshund

Day 6: Frankensteiny dachshund plushie. One of the drawings I still want to colour once Inktober’s over (or just when I have the time and inspiration).

Wunderkammer Chronicles

Day 7: A header design sketch for my new RPG project, The Wunderkammer Chronicles. (hat tip to Verdinium for “Wunderkammer” as part of the name!)

ink in the sketchbook

Days 8 & 9: Things that were done quickly while I was on trains and busses. It’s the thought that counts.


Day 10: A cigar-smoking goblin Baroness. I’ll colour her eventually, too, and she was drawn outside in a beer garden during the fresher’s week pub crawl in Marburg.

I love how Inktober makes me draw daily as well as pushes me to use ink and quill (well, nib) more. Are you taking part and how is it going for you? I’d love to read your thought in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Inktober Days 1-10

  1. Ich finde deine Inktober-Zeichnungen so großartig! (Ich bin mir gerade nicht sicher, ob Facebook mir alle angezeigt hat…? Blöder Algorithmus.) Besonders gerne mag ich Witchsona. Du hast so viele kleine, stimmige Details eingearbeitet. Zum Beispiel die Beinbehaarung – ihr Vorhandensein zeigt so sehr, dass du die Figur kennst und dir Gedanken über sie gemacht hat. Sie wirkt nicht wie jemand, der Zeit mit derart oberflächlichem Unfug verbringt.

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Danke! :) Es liegt auch dran, dass ich meine eigene Zeit nicht derart oberflächlichem Unfug verbringe. ^^
      Ich hatte nicht alle davon auf Facebook gepostet, weil ich zwischenrein mal keine Internetverbindung hatte und keine Lust auf den Stress, jetzt unbedingt alles posten zu müssen. ^^

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