(Life) Style Tips in October

Market Cabbages

  • To help with dark mornings why not treat yourself to a candlelight breakfast? You can simply put a tea light on the table (my mum used to do this every dark half of the year) or you can go all-out and have your orange juice from wine glasses and use fancy napkins!
  • Who am I kidding, it’s Halloween season (have you been on tumblr lately?). To make the most of the month leading up to the holiday incorporate Halloween themes into your daily wardrobe, like spiders, bats, ghosts or skeletons.
  • For those of you who participate in Inktober, why not make your own ink? Here’s a recipe to get you started, and here are a few more for different colours, too. If you want to make your own quill, too, try this link.
  • If you happen to live in a temperate climate now is the perfect time to go foraging for beechnuts! During and shortly after the second World War people used them to make Ersatz coffee, but they are far tastier if you gently roast them and then use them for baking or in salads or just snack on them on their own.
  • It’s late harvest time, and Winter vegetables are in season! Shop locally and seasonally by looking for lamb’s lettuce (isn’t the name alone the cutest?), fresh apples and pears, all sorts of cabbages and roots – parsnip, parsley root, turnips, beets – and of course pumpkins!
  • Speaking of pumpkins, why not go the traditional route and make this year’s Jack-O-Lantern from a root (sugar beets work well because of the size) instead of a gourd? I’ll be using a tiny inedible pumpkin, though, I admit, because we got one free at the Turkish grocery shop around the corner (I love our part of town).

One thought on “(Life) Style Tips in October

  1. I lovelovelove the idea of a candlelight breakfast. I have to admit that I do not eat breakfast on workdays, but it might be really nice for the weekend!
    Best wishes,

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