Happy Hallowe’en!


Happy Samhain! And happy end of Inktober (congratulations to all who made it and good job to those who tried)!


Take a look at the magnificent scarecrow creature from this video! At first I thought it was a very elaborate sweets ad (the video, not the scarecrow)!


I made a tiny Jack-O-Lantern out of a non-edible pumpkin we got as a gift at the Turkish grocer’s around the corner. Scoundrel named him Bubba Jay Jr., and he’s going to live in the garden once he’s done being a Jack-O-Lantern, getting to be old and shriveled and get-off-my-lawn-y from under the shrubbery.

Stay safe and light a candle for the ghosts and spirits that walk the waking world tonight.


Any thoughts?

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