WTF America

I usually don’t write about real-world politics on here but in this case I have to:


I fear for women. I fear for LGBTQ+ people. I fear for everyone who isn’t an old white male and able-bodied and hetero-cissexual. I fear for the rest of the world for yet another old white male has risen to power, and one with a bloody set of power complexes, too.

I hope nobody of my relations and friends in the U.S. voted for that train wreck. If they did I’m disowning them. Shame.

Welcome to 2016, a truly dark year. And right now I dare not to hope that 2017 will be any better.


7 thoughts on “WTF America

  1. Complete and utter shock in our household, too :( My mother in law texted us about it at 3am this morning, she was in such disbelief! But it’s encouraged me to double down on my support for LGBTQ/refugees/minorities, because the only way forwards is to be vocal about what you believe in (if Trump can do that, then so can we), and uphold your values, especially in times like these. The battle may have been lost, but the war goes on!

    1. Well said! My whole facebook timeline is full of shock, disgust and disbelief. I hope the world will learn a lesson from all this bullshit and come out a better place, if nothing else.

  2. I rarely stay up past 3am, but last night was an exception. There was no way I was going to fall asleep with how things were going. I’m in shock that this is happening to the country that I call my home.

  3. You’ve said what many of us are feeling! I have friends in the US too, and I worry about them. There are so many people who must be feeling scared right now, I worry for all of them.

    And Rhiannon has a very good point. it’s even more important now to speak up.

  4. Yep. I guess I’m still in shock. Especially when confronted with people saying “Well, let’s just wait. It probably won’t be so bad after all.” It IS bad for enough people already seeing all these posts on Facebook of people being harrassed by Trump supporters. :(

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