Forest Stroll

100_0177A few weeks ago by now (I’m quite busy at the moment hence the silence and the still-catching-up) my Mum came to visit and I took her to Eilenriede, our city forest.

100_0181We found the lawn maze. I can’t wait to see it in Winter covered with snow and once it thaws, too.100_0179100_0194100_0199
I went to forage for beech nuts, too. It was one of the last chances this year and they were just there for my taking! When I scurried from spot to spot, eagerly digging through the fallen leaves I said to my Mum, “I feel like a squirrel when I do this”, and she answered without any hesitation, completely deadpan: “You are a squirrel. You just have forgotten about it.”
So I might be a squirrel reincarnated after all.

100_0198We already peeled the nuts and dried them to use them in baking and maybe in pesto-making once the wild garlic starts growing again. The Old English word for wild garlic is Hramsa, by the way, doesn’t that sound great?100_0186I hope you all had a great week. Have an even better one come Monday!


6 thoughts on “Forest Stroll

  1. Oh, das sieht toll aus! So Stadtwälder mag ich ja unheimlich gerne. Schade, dass ich es dieses Jahr versäumt habe, Bucheckern zu sammeln – nachdem ich jetzt doch von ein paar Leuten gelesen habe, dass sie damit backen, wäre ich langsam doch neugierig, wie das wohl so schmeckt.

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had those nuts! It is a beautiful place and it suits you! You probably are a Squirrel, your mum would know! And they are awesome! Maybe the faeries turned a squirrel into a baby and that was you!

    1. Are there even native beeches in Australia? I don’t think so…
      Well I am a Changeling after all and she fully accepts this theory, so yes, maybe I am a squirrel in some way!

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