OOTD: Wintery Hufflepuff


I just realised that (courtesy of the new film which I still haven’t seen yet) they sell Hufflepuff scarves now that look basically like what I knitted over a year ago, down to the tassels in alternating colours. I still prefer mine, the wool is so wonderfully chunky!


I’m not really good at having a face today. However, I think our backyard isn’t the worst place to take outfit selfies ever.



I look extremely dopey here but actually I was just watching my breath come out as white little clouds. ^^

– jacket: H&M
– dress: C&A– tights: layered, both via TKmaxx
– shoes: thrifted
– Hufflepuff scarf: selfmade
– fingerless gloves: something local and organic from Hesse
– Hufflepuff Head Girl pin: selfmade
– black velvet elastic belt: hand-me-down from the 80s

Lately it’s rather uncommon for me that I wear so many things that aren’t self-made or thrifted. Well, TK is a treasure hunt, too, and I lately found these wonderful glittery tights there, and I’ve had the jacket for over ten years now so I’m kind of okay with that.
I also love these shoes, I found them for mere 4€ at a church charity sale back in the Shire when I visited in Autumn. They feel like they were made for my feet!



14 thoughts on “OOTD: Wintery Hufflepuff

  1. You are super cute! I love that scarf, the wool looks really thick and silky *__* Also, I can’t believe that head girl pin is handmade. It really looks official!

    (I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the movie either, too busy… >_>; Hopefully this week!)

    1. Thanks!
      I made the pin from shrinking plastic with the Pottermore house graphic so I cheated a bit. ^^
      Maybe I should make my own version sometime soon, hmm…

  2. “I’m not really good at having a face today.” ist wirklich die niedlichste Umschreibung für seltsame Gesichtsausdrücke, die ich seit langem gehört habe.
    Dein winterliches Hufflepuff-Putfit gefällt mir sehr gut!

    Liebe Grüße,

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