Thrift Haul Special Edition: Pottery

We had a rather fateful encounter with the thrift shop down the road yesterday. I’ll just let my tired, verbally confused yesterself take over here:


4 thoughts on “Thrift Haul Special Edition: Pottery

  1. I really like your accent! However, I admit that I prefer reading to videos. I acknowledge that typing and editing a text, together with taking nice photos, is probably more work than filming a video, but I prefer reading to listening.

    1. Thanks!
      You’re not the only one who feels this way, I myself switch between preferring reading or listening/watching every now and then, depending on my mood, time, things like that.
      That’s exactly why I’ll continue to make my usual thrift haul posts and just add the videos (maybe not even every month) as a feature for those who are in the mood for chitter-chatter. :)
      Thanks a lot for your feedback, it’s really appreciated!

  2. Ich lese eigentlich auch lieber, aber ich mag deine Videos. Als ob man mit dir in der Küche sitzen würde (die ich übrigens echt toll finde, so hexig!).

    1. Cool, das freut mich total! Ich mag das einfach, wenn ich das Gefühl hab, mit der Person im Video rumzuhängen und einfach nur zuzuhören (und jederzeit abschalten zu können).

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