(Life) Style Tips in December

(Life) Style Tips in December

The last month of the year is almost over, but here are my ideas to spruce up the last bit of 2016, anyway.

  • To keep up with the darkness outside drape fairy lights around your headboard or favourite armchair. LED light strings don’t get hot and therefore bear less risks. Look at your local home decor shop or even at the supermarket, they are everywhere at the moment!
  • Before you start indulging in Winter feasts start a new sport or work-out – movement doesn’t only counter the gluttony (I’m an unashamed glutton myself), it also helps with winter depression. I’m trying to get my hindquarters to the pool regularly again and I also think about trying to somehow jump along to Danceroid videos (although far less gracefully, I predict…)
  • As it’s cold outside your bathroom mirror will fog up every time you shower anyway, so write messages on it while you’re at it for the next person to step out of the shower. Even if you live alone an affirmative “smile”, “fairest in all the land” or “great hair, bro” are a nice thing to see when you leave the warm waters for the cold air again.
  • If you read my last-minute spirit-of-the-season list you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Winter baking. Why not make gingerbread hearts and decorate them for your friends? It’s the perfect gift: It’s self-made and personal, doesn’t take up much space AND you can eat it. I’m a big fan of the traditional German variety but with almonds and nuts rather than large amounts of icing. You can bake it with a hole on top, too, so it will not only be tasty but also a nice decoration until it’s eaten.
  • Last but not least make use of the massive sales and discounts on decoration and sweets once December is halfway over. You’ll still be in the right spirit to buy advent calendars and tree ornaments but they’ll be much cheaper than next year around November. Most chocolates and other candy will also not expire until the next festive Winter season. Or maybe you’re like me and want your mulled wine and gingerbread all the year round. Get your inner squirrel on and start hoarding.


Be safe, light a candle and think of all the good things that happened this year. Stay warm and cosy and I’ll see you after this longest night.


2 thoughts on “(Life) Style Tips in December

  1. I went to a German market at the weekend and bought lebkuchen, yay! I love your steamy mirror suggestion in particular…you really do have fae blood in you :P

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