Mother Quilt


For Yuletide I gave my Mother a quilt. If you happen to watch my vlogs you already know that. She really loves it which makes me incredibly happy!


I took no fancy pictures this time, simply ones of the quilt where it’s supposed to be: on her bed.
One thing I love about personal quilts is how all the pieces of fabric have a story of some kind. I made you a short list for this one:


  1. my old curtains in Frankfurt and my flat share in Marburg
  2. old curtains from my Grandmother’s house from the 70s
  3. Noio’s skirt
  4. handed down silk scarf
  5. striped former button-down
  6. raw silk, used for Sasha’s tunic
  7. old costume fabric from my Grandmother’s stash (90s?), partially dyed green
  8. leftovers from a swap gift
  9. the only thing I bought for the upper layer: thrifted bandana
  10. leftovers from my star curtain
  11. what’s left of a pair of corduroy pants my Mum handed down to me ten years ago
  12. wall hanging/paravent batik fabric I found on the street



I also thrifted the lining, the only thing I actually bought first-hand was the fleece blanket I used as the inner layer. Even the wool for the corner stitchings and tassels was thrifted.

I’m glad it turned out so well and even more that my Mum likes it so. Next up is a quilt for my own bed, we’ll see how long that’ll take…


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