2017’s New Year’s Cards


Picking and reading Tarot cards are a big part of my spiritual practise. I’ll probably have to thank my mother for that as she was the one who inspired me to help find answers to questions and problems by saying something like “how about you draw a card/rune” all through my childhood and teenage years.
I use cards as a form of mirror, reflecting what’s already there, especially on the Wheel of the Year holidays but also now and then when I want a nudge which way to look for my solutions.

I had laid a larger spread on Yule night so for the New Year I was perfectly content with doing what I call “lazy Tarot” which is enough for me most of the time. You simply shuffle the deck and then flip through them until you find the Wheel of Fortune and then take the card before and after and read those. Of course you might vary the center to suit your issue (Lovers for relationship things, Three of Cups for friendship, …) so this time for me it was the Star, 2017 being the Year of the Star in my little corner of the internet (because the Star carries the numeral XVII and because it sounds and feels so magical).


So, the Star is a symbol of choosing your own path, of aspiration and emitting your own glow from within. It’s also just a part of the milky way, one light in what is probably the most perfect and wonderful and also largest work of art: the night sky. For me the Star is about balance, one foot in sea and one on shore, to say it with Shakespeare, small but powerful on its own, beautiful alone but stunning with others and in the right context. That’s my new year.

The Hermit is a card attributed to Virgo and Mercury. I’m a Virgo (not that I give much thought about that), and Mercury is a communication planet. I usually don’t think much about the planet correspondences but in this care I read them as a message to myself – communication is key. My usual connotation for the Hermit who turns up in about every second spread I do (I just looked it up, he doesn’t, but it sure feels like it) is meditation, a journey inwards to find myself and to find strength in that. On the other hand he doesn’t look too happy there all by himself and he’s holding that lantern like a lighthouse fire, so for me he’s also a reminder to not stay all by myself. Self-reflection comes from within but to grow and to be truly happy I need others, too. This year I want to be a lighthouse, I want to let people know that I’m there and connect with kindred spirits even though I need time for myself.

When you first look at it the Ten of Swords doesn’t look so good. But then again if there’s already ten swords in your back (okay, nine, one is next to the head) how bad can it get from there? Things can only get better! Each time I see this card I think of My Luck Is So Bad by the Real McKenzies (the actual song starts at about 1:11) which is a good summary of what I want from 2017. 2016 was kind of rubbish – stressful projects with a lot of collateral social damage, my Grandfather’s passing, mental and physical health problems and a load of other small and not-so-small calamities in my personal life and worldwide. But this is a new year, it’s a new chance to do what I can to make this a good year.
Another aspect is that of martyrdom and how that’s not always a good idea. Sometimes trying to please everyone will leave you with swords in your back and more wounds and scars than you bargained for. We’ll have less of that this year. This is a year of self-love, of tending to my wounds, of being especially nice to myself. That’s the best and healthiest way to continue spreading glamour and light and magic and dreams, by being good to myself and keeping my soul nourished. Not by taking other’s swords into the back and carrying them around, wondering why it feels so heavy.

This is what I found in my cards for 2017.
Do you do Tarot reading? Runes? Other oracle cards or means of divination? What were your reflections for the new year? I’d love to know!

Have a lovely second half of the week!



6 thoughts on “2017’s New Year’s Cards

  1. I haven’t done my new year spread yet, I haven’t felt in the right headspace for it. But I’m getting that twinkly magic feeling from reading this so I might do mine tonight :) A lot of what you said in this really rang true for me too-I did so much people pleasing in 2016 and really denied myself the time and care I needed, but at the same time I had this weird thing of veering between trying to be very social at the expense of my own well being, and completely hiding away and cutting people off. 2017 is going to be about finding balance and the right people. I hope 2017 is wonderful for you!

  2. This is a beautiful post :) You also interpret cards in the same way I do, which is reassuring! I particularly empathise with your Hermit card reading, I want to do something similar (I began last year, but it’s an ongoing process)…

    1. Isn’t it always? :D
      I’m so glad you liked the post, I’m still in the process of getting comfortable talking about spirituality to someone other than Scoundrel.

  3. This is a wonderful post, thank you! I also want to try and write about my spiritual side a bit more, but I agree that it can be a bit daunting. I’m glad to see that you’re doing it, it’s encouraging.
    I never found that tarot did anything for me, I usually work with runes. I did a reading for myself the other day for the first time in about 3 months, and it brought back that calm, ‘right’ feeling. (Though the reading itself was very ambigious and not much help — sometimes that’s a message in itself!)

    I have a feeling that this year for me will be one of becoming accustomed to change and being adaptable. I decided to work as a contractor in short term jobs for now, so I’ll need to be. I’m also expanding my art/craft into the outside world more, and I have no idea where that will lead. We’ll see!

    1. Good luck with your year! Runes have been a “draw one” thing for me so far if I had no idea what to do. I don’t have a set of my own but I think about making one…
      I’m glad I’m encouraging! ^^ I’m so glad that many of my readers are a similar kind of spiritual people, this helps a lot with the “oh, this is going to sound so dumb” issue.

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