Finished Things Saturday

Just as with UFO Friday this bi-weekly feature will showcase random craft projects that don’t get their own post – either because they’re too small or because I’m too lazy to take proper pictures.

hot water bottle cozy

I made this hot water bottle cozy from one of my favourite old towels. We had too many but I didn’t want to throw this one out because of the colourful pattern and the memories. I don’t like the feeling of rubber on my bare feet so I wanted to make a cozy for my bottle anyway and terry cloth seemed to be a good choice, with water being involved and everything.
The buttons are thrifted, they came in a grab bag with many others. I couldn’t imagine any use I could get out of giant bright blue buttons but in the end they were perfect for this project!

Drake NeedlebookDrake Needlebook

This needlebook (also made from things from the stash) was my Yule present for Drake – he’s a LARPer, too, and he does his own sewing but his tools were in a mess and he owned only two sewing needles. And no pincushion! The horror!
It’s also a prototype, I wanted to see how well this combination of needlecase and pincushion worked. I’m still not 100% satisfied so I’m still working on that.

Next week will be UFO Friday again. Spoiler: I’m working on a new quilt!


8 thoughts on “Finished Things Saturday

  1. I love the needlebook! I made one similar to it when I was a kid, with my grandmother’s help. The cover was felt that I made myself.
    The idea of adding a pincushion is a good one — I can imagine the bulge being reminiscent of a hand-bound book with insets in the cover.

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