(Life) Style Tips in January


  • Join Revolution, the 2017 version of the annual January kick-starting-the-year experience by Yoga with Adriene. I love challenges like that and I know how good it makes me feel to turn up on my mat/rug/sheepskin heap/floor every day. You’ll just trade half an hour or mindless surfing or tumblr scrolling for a bit of yoga (at least that’s basically what I do), it’s really not that much after all. I’m still pleasantly surprised every time I notice what those 30 min-or-so a day are doing for my health, strength, posture and inner balance.
  • Start the year with developing a habit of hydrating decently. If you don’t have one already get a reusable bottle you like instead of buying new ones all the time, fill it up and try to get at least two litres a day. Water (infused or not) or tea, that is. A well-hydrated body works so much better that one that just gets by somehow. Setting up a pitcher or bottle and a big mug or glass (glass works better because you actually see your water) next at your workplace is really helpful, especially if you try to keep the glass full at all times. We’re more likely to just take a sip if it’s full anyway, and refilling just after you drank isn’t much work but goes a long way.
  • It’s the year of the Star so incorporating stars into your daily wardrobe is probably a good idea, right (is it ever not a good idea, though?)? It could be a necklace (in my case it’s my pentacle that I wear everyday anyway), tiny stars on your shawl, earrings, hair beads, a key chain or a tiny embroidery on the inside of your sleeve’s cuff. The important thing is that it’ll remind you that you shine from the inside, that you are your own light in the darkness and that there is no reason not to reach for the stars.
  • It’s also the year of the Fire Rooster once Chinese New Year rolls around. Maybe there’s a public celebration where you live? Even if not, be inspired by the ascribed characteristics of the Rooster: perception – be aware of your surroundings -, hard work – make the best of your time, be it at actual work or in private – and trustworthiness – trust in your abilities and yourself. Traditional Rooster colours are gold, brown and yellow, good colours for fortune, grounding, and finding your roots and what keeps you steady.
  • How about inviting spring a bit early by growing cress on your windowsill? Having something fresh and green isn’t only revitalising during the dark, cold winter, it’s also healthy. Cress is really easy to grow, whether on cotton pads an a dinner plate or in a professional cultivator. Here’s a guide to get you started!

2 thoughts on “(Life) Style Tips in January

  1. Ich bin ein kleines bisschen verliebt in deine Idee, Sterne zu tragen. Gerade wegen deiner Erläuterung, dass sie einen daran erinnern sollen, von innen heraus zu strahlen. Danke dafür!

    Liebe Grüße,

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