Thrifting in December ’16

This is probably the shortest thrift haul post I’ll ever make, mainly because it’s just not everything I thrifted in December but only some of favourite finds. I’m late anyway so there’s no use in boring you (or myself) with the trivialities I got.


I lovelovelove the texture of velvet. When I saw these bow ties for 50 cents apiece I just couldn’t resist. I’m thinking about using them for hair decoration or Lolita projects but I might as well keep the Irish green one for simple bow tie purposes.
The chain linked belt is broken in some places which for me just means that I got it for less, I wanted it for crafting purposes, anyway.


The Wind In the Willows is by far one of my favourite “children’s” book ever. I even wrote a paper on it once. I had read The Willows In Winter, William Horwood’s sequel, back in elementary school and rejoiced when I found it while thrifting. The overall feeling of the book is so very close to the original that I don’t think Kenneth Grahame would hold anything against Horwood for continuing his characters’ stories. I’ll have to read his Hyddenworld and Duncton books (starring fae and moles respectively) next if I can get my hands on them.


Any thoughts?

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