Somewhat Weekly Vlog: Children’s Books & Faerie Mail


7 thoughts on “Somewhat Weekly Vlog: Children’s Books & Faerie Mail

  1. Childrens’ books ARE awesome. It IS that simple. :D
    (Of course there are bad examples. But still…)

    Sabrina, currently reading a childrens’ book

  2. You are so adorable, I can’t even! This video literally made my day (and it’s not even 9am)! I teared up a little bit when you saw the Hogwarts ticket ^^;; I feel the same about the last two HP books, but I think I’ve said that already.

    I’m actually not sure what the Japanese stickers say, but I think they were for sealing gift-wrapped packages at a sweet shop :) And the table thing on the back of the bookmark is some kind of timetable, iirc…the days of the week are the characters in the top row (moon, fire, water, etc). Um…and the little paintings are bluebell and (I think?) bladder campion.

    Also, I’d like to recommend the Chronicles of Prydain to you if you like children’s books! It’s one of my favourite series, because (like me) the hero doesn’t know who his parents are, and he comes from a very humble background. It’s also loosely based on Welsh folklore :)

    1. The Chronicles of Prydain sound awesome, I was sold the moment I read that they have Henwen the oracle pig in them!
      I’m so happy about the package, really! ❤️️

  3. My word concerning adult books. Too often the inevitable lovestory eventually kills the plot.

    That is why I read a lot more male authors than female ones when it comes to adult books. Less romance.

    As for the chronicles of Prydain, there is also an animated Disney movie based on it, it is called ‘Taran und der Zauberkessel’. Sadly it is mostly ignored these days, but I really like it because it is quite dark and spooky and has less singsong than other Disney movies.

    1. The Dark Cauldron should get SO MUCH MORE love, and Eilonwy should be part of the frikkin’ princess franchise! (I’ve got kinda strong feelings about the film…)

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