OOTD: Sugar Plum 80s


I knew something was different today before I opened the curtain. Every time I see the world covered in snow Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy starts playing in my head and when I saw my powder pink tutu hanging there I knew what I had to do.


:Outfit Rundown:
– turtleneck: hand-me-down from Grandmum
– skirt: Yu & Me Paris (via Amsterdam)- leggings: H&M
– boots: hand-me-down from Verdinium


The outfit ended up feeling a bit 80s-ish somehow. Maybe it’s the jumper, or the belt, or the necklace. My camera batteries died the exact moment I had set up the tripod so I had to improvise with my gloves and phone. At first I was a bit disappointed about the grainyness, but you know what, it just makes the pictures look more like a spread from an 80s magazine. So there.

20170123_113435Accessories Rundown:
– belt: thrifted
– Tea & Flower pins: DIY
– wind power badge: thrifted
– Moominpapa button: a small shop in Heidelberg
– necklace: H&M


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