That one Time when Verdinium found the perfect Winter Coat

Verdinium visited last year in November and I somehow postponed and postponed the post about that visit time and again until now. I didn’t take half as many pictures as I would have liked to.


Verdinium is a very good friend to go out for coffee with. We both like people-watching, going to a coffee shop or café with her is like being in a slice of life anime or coffee shop AU.



Besides thrifting we also had a LARP crafternoon (this picture is so cute!), went on exploring trips and watched cartoons and anime. And then…


There’s this really amazing vintage store in an already charming part of the city where we went to get ice cream (more on that shop another time). We dropped in just out of curiosity and then fashion Cupid hit bullseye. The coat hid between a few others and she tried it on for fun. Long story short, it fit like a glove and she kept it on until our way home when it was eventually still not chilly enough to wear it.



Doesn’t she look like a Russian fairy tale boho countess?


I myself found a dragon – always a good thing – with hand prints for scales. And a trampoline on a playground but I jumped on it rather than take pctures of it…


Thanks for the last picture, luv, and of course the visit!


One thought on “That one Time when Verdinium found the perfect Winter Coat

  1. Oh, wie toll! Es ist immer großartig, wenn man sowas findet. Ich muss unbedingt mal wieder nach Göteborg – da gibt es Second Hand-Läden, in denen mir sowas passiert.^^

    Du sag mal, weil es mir gerade einfällt: Hättest du Interesse an einem Coupon weinroten Cordstoffs? Der liegt hier nur rum und könnte eigentlich in dein Beuteschema fallen… :)

    Liebe Grüße,

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