10 Things I ♥ in January


  1. The Embroiderer’s Guild of America has published a Little Book of Embroidery Basics and the best thing about it is that it’s free to download! Scroll down for more freebies on the same page and get stitching.
  2. Full Grown, a Derbyshire-based company/orchard growing furniture. It looks like something modern elves or woodland fae would have in their homes. I’m always so happy when I find things like these, sustainable, slow and close to nature. It makes me hope for this planet we live on after all.
  3. Victoria Clare Gray on Etsy. She makes beautiful black-and-white artwork and patches (and who’s a sucker for patches? This girl. *points thumbs at herself*). I’m particularly fond of the Chrysanthemum patch she has in her current range of products.
  4. Silkhenge Spiders. The word alone – Silkhenge – is beautiful but when you see what it actually is it’s simply amazing. Isn’t this absolutely stunning? Speaking of spiders, this one is great, too. It’s named after the Sorting Hat. That’s just awesome.
  5. Minecraft, especially with the mods I’m using at the moment (Biomes O’ Plenty, Harvestcraft, The Vegan Option and Plant Mega Pack). Oh, the intense playing phase will be over again soon if I know me but for now I’m happily crafting and gardening and building my cottages and hermit’s shacks.
  6. Siarly as a flatmate. We’re seriously sorry to get our living room back, I do so hope that she’ll get a job here in Hanover!
  7. Watching anime with Polly of The Forest Mermaid. At the moment we’re watching my all-time favourite Kuragehime via Tweet conversations, so if you want to join us, join us!
  8. Hibike! Euphonium is an anime about girls in a school brass band. That’s about it, but if you love slice of life anime (like me) and/or have been to a school with a musical focus where the people in the school orchestra were the stars rather than any jocks (like me) this might be for you.
  9. This Hermès window display in Dubai. It looks like something I’d love to have as scenery in an aventure game.
  10. My new magnets toy. Bertie gave it to me and I’ve been busy with it every day since, it’s great for my fidgeting needs.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in January

  1. Aww I am touched that watching anime with me made it on to your favourites! <3 The Hermes window reminds me of the work of Sam Pierpoint, which you might also like. Her website is sampierpoint.com

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