Finished Things Saturday: Market Elf Hat


Now that it’s cold I needed something to keep my ears warm, I love elf or gnome hats, and when I saw this fabric at the shop right next to my workplace I knew I wanted to make something from it. It’s incredibly fluffy and soft on the inside and I added a pompom made from wool from the stash to the tip.
And right after I made this I found my current working sweater at the thrift store and thus have never worn the thing to work. Not even once. Maybe I’ll just give it away some day, but I’m happy I made it either way.


Anyway, I looked like a effing Carl Larsson character (and I mean the swearing in the best of ways) taking selfies in this getup so I played with filters a bit and I adore the outcome:


I’ve been up for 16 hours at this point (and it’s only 8pm yet…) so excuse me while I just keel over. I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Finished Things Saturday: Market Elf Hat

  1. Oh this is the cutest! I love the colours and the design, and the whole design is perfect for the chilly, windy days we’ve been getting recently. Love it! – Tasha

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