(Life) Style Tips in February

February Life Style Tips

  • For me February is often a somewhat dull month – New Year’s is over, spring is not yet here and the cold (mostly without accompanying snow here in Germany) is starting to get even to me. It’s also such a short month that I have the feeling that I don’t even have to start anything, it’s over so soon anyway. But you know what? That’s just a reason to make it count even more!
  • Re-assess your New Year’s resolutions. If necessary, make adjustments. Don’t just make it “new year, new me”, make it “new month, still new me”!
  • While we’re at it, why not make 2017 a year of resolutions? Let’s assume February is the month of Style Resolutions. Look through your current fashion Pinterest boards or make a collage from magazine cutouts of what you’d like to see in your wardrobe, or what kind of real-life character you’d like to be this year! Mine includes cute witch anime design and adventuring changelings.
  • Slowly start incorporating spring into your wardrobe through colours (pastels, fresh greens, whites), fabric (anything lighter) and motifs (songbirds or snowdrops, maybe?) to lure them out just a little bit.
  • When you’re done luring look for the first heralds, go snowdrop hunting and listen to the first birds that sing of warmer days to come!

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