Somewhat Weekly Vlog: Year 2017, Week 8

… in which I look awfully tired but have a new book I’m excited about.


5 thoughts on “Somewhat Weekly Vlog: Year 2017, Week 8

  1. Das Buch sieht wirklich großartig aus! Ich wollte mich ohnehin wieder intensiver mit Folklore beschäftigen – meine kurzen Leseausflüge in diesem Bereich haben mir richtig, richtig gut gefallen.

    Außerdem hatte ich irgendwie nicht auf dem Schirm, dass du einen Undercut hast! o.O Ich find ihn toll.

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. I am also waiting for the price announcement of that pirate LARP, that game sounds amazing!

    The book sounds interesting as well. I recently borrowed a book about Voodoo, because that has been a thing on some other pirate LARPs and I wanted to know more about it. Also I am thinking about learning some sailing knots…

    I’m looking forward to more of your LARP videos!

    1. I think there actually -was- one on a ship in the Netherlands by a German orga, but I think it’s over already, or booked, or there was some other reason why I didn’t just bookmark it…

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