UFO Friday


A few years ago I realised that it was pretty much impossible to buy striped pants that were neither skinny nor pretty much beyond my budget. I decided then that I needed to make my own and I’ve had that thought in the drawers of the back of my head ever since. Now that my only pair of jeans were becoming too unsightly I had to dye them anyway and once they were dry again I went straight to work.


I’m also working around some other “problems”, to do with soap, produce and laundry, that I needed drawstrings for. Crocheting them was a bit easier to handle than braiding or twining, and I could make use of my glittery hook again which is a plus, too. I made the pants I’m wearing in that picture, too, but that’s for another post.

What are you working on this week?
Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “UFO Friday

  1. Yay, those are awesome jeans! So circusy <3 I'm working on some botanical dye projects myself this year, I can't wait to start sharing them :D (And I lovelovelove your faerie glitter crochet hook XD It's the wand of a DIY witch!)

    1. I call them my “casual pirate” jeans. Oh, I’m really looking forward to your dye experiments! I’m collecting onion and avocado peels for mine at the moment, too, and we have a steady suppy of beet root juice for some pink.

      1. Ah, I wasn’t sure about the stones, thanks for changing that! I saved them anyway just in case (they supposedly work as shavings over salad, too).

  2. Hi Ari!
    I am very happy that you followed me on Tumblr, so that I could discover your wonderful blog.
    This week I’m working on a few things. Yesterday I worked on a song of mine with my littlebrother. I am also currently working on a sewing-project… I will try to sew a renaissance-bodice-inspired top.
    I don’t know about you, but I always have too many ideas and projects, hehe.


    1. Oh I’m so happy that you read my blog (and also delighted that you have one, too)! I was really entranced by your fashion and lifestyle!
      It’s exactly the same with me and projects, I always have too many ongoing ones and too many ideas in my head, too.

      1. Thank you! I really like yours too. I actually am trying to blog here on wordpress instead, since most of the blogs I’m following is on here. If you’re interested, then here’s the link: https://smallasaflower.wordpress.com

        Somehow it’s nice to have many ideas, but I also feel like it can slow down the process a bit, when having a hard time to choose what to start with and what to finish, hehe.

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