The Edge of the World (in a Frame)

Edge of The World

When Rhiannon sent me this fantastic paper bag I knew I had to hang it somewhere and I pretty much knew where exactly, too. The only thing the plan lacked to be completed was a frame.

Carrick Bend and Whipping

Simply buying one of the pseudo-antique simple frames from Xenos or a similar shop somehow went against my thrifter’s honour and thus the bag sat on my desk for a while. I had something specific in mind and I couldn’t for the love of me find it.
At some point – the day before yesterday to be precise – I had enough and just bought a rather simple yet old-fashioned frame at the thrift shop for 2,-€. I had done Müllbarock before so I figured I could just fancify the thing myself. Long story short when I fished a once-thrifted piece of rope from my LARP chest for additional texture I suddenly realised that a lavishly decorated frame wasn’t actually what I wanted. Instead I ended up with this and it is exactly the right thing.

Ribbon and Fabric DetailDiver's Bells

The rope is hot-glued on, the twine I used for the whipping is thrifted as well. The tiny diver’s helmet hails from the time when I was absolutely obsessed with Steampunk but never had any use, the tiny bells are from a thrifted dress that I recently altered, the ribbon I used to cover the web address of the book shop is a souvenir from our last Amsterdam visit and last but not least the raw silk fabric I used for the backing used to be a part of my very first LARP kit. I love it when things have a history like that.

Edge of the World in Context

The whole piece now hangs right over my head inside the frame of my bed and makes me incredibly happy. Thanks again, Rhiannon!

10 thoughts on “The Edge of the World (in a Frame)

  1. That is just beautiful! The knot is amazing, and I love the fabric you used as a background. I’m so happy to see it get the special treatment it deserves <3

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