10 Things I ♥ in March

10 Things in March '17

  1. Deepart, the app that makes amazing art by your favourite artists out of your pictures. Just look at the gallery, isn’t that beautiful (and sometimes a bit scary)?
  2. On my journey to find a second tarot deck that feels right for me I stumbled over The Attic Shoppe Trading Company which might not have the exact deck I need but is still a peddler of beautifully haunting and weirdly Victorian art. It absolutely appeals to my inner Goth leftovers and the tiny part of me that still believes that Steampunk is awesome.
  3. Julie Houts, the illustrator and underwear designer whose fairly perfect model characters aren’t so perfect after all – and also really funny (and there’s a mouse). To me she seems like yet another reason to finally get an Instagram account…
  4. Don’t Starve looks like a game I’d really like to play (and am thinking about getting). It’s a survival game set in a burtonesque world full of monsters, making things work and the ever-present quest for food. Awesome.
  5. Hanging our laundry out to dry. It’s finally warm enough again and we have clothes lines outside, anyway. We added two more and now we can have breeze-dried things! Clipping things to the line with wooden pegs just feels so right to me (and it’s also picturesque).
  6. Diggy Diggy Hole. Yes, it’s silly, but at the same time it’s so epic and I always think of my old training partner Drake when I hear it (and then I have it stuck in my head for hours).
  7. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is a western magical girl (and boy) animation series, and it’s beyond cute. I especially enjoy the villain designs because they are so diverse and well-done. Also Cat Noir’s super power thing – Cataclysm – is the coolest thing everrrr. I plan to watch it in the French original, too, to brush up on the language again. I can’t wait for season 2!
  8. Pickled Beet Roots are my favourite snack at the moment, a revival of a childhood habit.
  9. The Rumjacks, a folk punk band from Sydney, Australia. They are my go-to band at the moment for after I’ve already been through the Real McKenzies discography once again..
  10. SPRING! It’s getting warm, really, actually warm again and things are growing and blooming. We have the first fresh local things at work again which feels great after a winter full of storable produce and lamb’s lettuce (don’t get me wrong, I love lamb’s lettuce but it’s basically the only kind of salad that’s available locally in Germany during the winter months and at some point you’ve just had it with the stuff). There are birds outside and warm strolls thought the park and the promise of the coming LARP season. It’s lovely.

Any thoughts?

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