Eilenriede Forest Walk

Eilenriede: Hollow Tree TrunkLast Sunday was incredibly nice weather – not too hot but not too cool either – so Rusty and I went for a walk through Eilenriede, Hanover’s own municipal forest. It’s so beautiful there, you wouldn’t guess that it’s right within a bustling city.

Eilenriede: Wood TexturesEilenriede: Wood TexturesWhat can I say, I’m a big fan complete fanatic for wood textures so people who go on walks with me will have to endure an “ooooh, this is so pretty, gotta take a picture!” every five minutes or so. Scoundrel is absolutely used to it by now (although I think he’s still somewhat annoyed by it sometimes…) but it was new for Rusty, I guess. He didn’t seem to mind too much, though.

Eilenriede: Wild FortEilenriede: Entrance to Wild FortOne of my favourite things to find in places like Eilenriede or even the woodland beyond my mother’s garden are branch forts. We found more than this one but they were either surrounded by playing children and I didn’t want to disturb, or not as elaborate as this one. That’s okay, this way I have more to explore next time!
I’d love to sleep in one of these some time, somewhere where you can see the stars through the branches, just like the warm rays of the sun shine through them now.

Eilenriede: Inside Wild FortEilenriede: Bracket Fungi on a Beech treeEilenriede: Tree mushroomsEilenriede: Fungus on a tree stumpAnother thing that I also lovelovelove taking macros of are mushrooms, especially bracket fungi. Fungi are such incredibly interesting organisms in every aspect!Eilenriede: DecompositionEilenriede: DecompositionI’m always filled with so much awe and wonder when I see the light through fresh leaves, the green overlapping to create new shades. Doesn’t the tree in this picture look like it just grew to hold a platform for an Elven tree dwelling?Eilenriede: Elven Ground
Eilenriede: Mother Nature's Stained Glass


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