Something Borrowed: Friends With Boys

I’m really fond of the whole having-a-library-card-again thing. I go to the local branch about once a week at the moment and I always come home with more than I had actually planned.
106_2061Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks was one of those books that came home with me even though my trusty Gryffindor tote was already heavy. Recalling her own experiences with the transition from homeschooling to public high-school the Canadian tells the story of Maggie McKay who grew up with three older brothers, a police officer dad and a home-schooling mum – until said mum left for unknown reasons. Now Maggs has to face high school all on her own while her brothers have been there for a while already, two really liking it, one despising it, with herself right in the middle (with a strong tendency to “despise”).106_2064I loved the realistic, tender portrayal of sibling relationships in the comic and I adored her brothers, especially the two guys involved with the drama club at school. There’s a short arc about a musical revolving about heroes and zombies which I’d love to see, too.
106_2063Speaking of the undead and fantasy elements there is also a ghost involved… and Lucy, your chipper neighborhood punk girl who’s just incredibly lovely (she also has a thing for old cemeteries because they hold so much history which made her even more precious to me).

106_2062I loved how the ending didn’t feel like one at all. You just know that the story goes on, somewhere, somehow. After this I definitely want to read Hicks’ other works and definitely recommend this comic to about everyone.

For more information check out Faith Erin Hicks’s webpage!

Something Borrowed is the title for my posts about books, comics and other works from the library. Libraries are amazing, please use them.

Any thoughts?

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