Landesmuseum Hannover: Nature

106_1191When my father visited we went for a stroll though the city. When we passed an impressively large old building we went to investigate what it was and found it to be the Lower Saxony State Museum.106_1183Going to museums has always been “our” thing. When I was younger and visited him every fortnight we went to a museum every Sunday morning. And continuing this tradition we decided to go in.106_1188I’m splitting the picture for this museum into several parts (as I did before when I wrote about the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt), Nature, man-made things and fine art, as this is one of those museums you’ll spend half a day in and still haven’t seen everything up close.106_1120106_1123We started with the depths of the sea, flooded with bluish lighting. Not only do they display skulls of sea mammals and fish there, no, they also have a vivarium that makes you feel like you’re in something part zoo, part museum. I don’t think I’ll have to mention that this is a great hit with the younger visitors (and me as well).106_1115I found myself taken with the beautiful aquariums even a bit more for the lush green flora and miniature landscapes (or rather, underwaterscapes) than for their scaly inhabitants.106_1126106_1125Right next to the piranha aquarium was a skull of one of their ancestors in a ghostly light, reminding us that those pouty lips hide absurdly sharp teeth and the pleasant chill down a childs spine when they wade into a lake thinking of those monsters (in central Europe where there are no piranhas, but did I care when I was eight? No, I did not).106_1140106_1141106_1178106_1149I really liked this display. It felt a bit like a bottled-up holiday by the seaside.106_1152106_1166To give you a bit of the scale of this quartz rock, here’s the bigger picture. It was lit from the bottom, emanating a magical glow that made it strangely special in this huge collection of things in a now brightly lit showroom.
I also love the transition from the Under The Sea exhibition to (more or less because Lower Saxony has quite a bit of moorland) dry land.

106_1167106_1164The nature exhibition, located in the parterre of the building, ended with something that looked like a giant, glass-walled birdcage with all kinds of specimen captured and stuffed in flight or rest. I’m always so very fascinated by shimmering feathers.106_1194106_1197I wish they had quartz crystals in the souvenirs shop, I would surely have gotten one.

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