Finished Things Saturday: Crystal in the Rough

Clear quartz (Bergkristall in German, which means “mountain crystal”) is one of my favourite minerals ever. As much as I like rose quartz and amethyst and citrine and calcite there is something about clear quartz that makes it special to me. Maybe it’s the spiky form in which it grows, maybe it’s how clear it is and how you can see everything inside. I don’t mind my crystals being battered or cloudy or somehow imperfect.

I made all of these quite a while ago but never showed them to you. The big one on the leather string is from a vendor back in Marburg, I think, while the smaller ones are from a flea market in Amsterdam.106_2089This one is the closest thing I own and wear to a choker. Most of the time I’m not too fond of things too close around my neck but this one is okay. The wire is recycled from old champagne bottles – Scoundrel used to detangle them as a child and once gave me a whole small box of them, neatly wrapped up.106_2083I usually wear different earrings on each side (when I wear two at all) so I only ever have to make one if I make some.106_2091I love the rough part at the top of this one. I wrapped it up very casually, just the way I think a witch with very little nerves for thought-through finery would. Which I basically am most of the time.106_2092106_2096What’s your favourite kind of crystal? I’d love to know, leave me a comment!
Have a wonderful weekend!


12 thoughts on “Finished Things Saturday: Crystal in the Rough

  1. I especially like the one with the leather band. The one with the hole, did you drill it yourself or did you aquire it predrilled?
    I don’t really own jewelry except hair sticks and forks and those are mainly wood or metal. But I spent a lot of time in the mineral collection of the Victoria and Albert museum when I was in London a couple weeks ago. It’s huge and amazing!

    1. I bought it pre-drilled (I wish I had a proper drill for crystals, though!)
      I barely wear jewelry, too, it’s always some piece or another that I wear for quite some time (or, you know, just forget to take off) but then that’s it.

  2. I’m a geologist, so I love crystals by default. If there is a mineralogy exhibition somewhere I am prone to spend hours in it just watching. So it is really hard for me to say which I love the most. They are all beautiful in their own way.

  3. I love your crystal points! I love all crystals, but lately I seem to be drawn to ones with a wave or spot pattern in them, especially if they are green or blue.

  4. Wow, deine Ketten sind ja traumhaft! Würde ich auch sofort tragen <3 Mein Lieblingsstein ist zur Zeit der rote Turmalin, ich trage ihn momentan täglich.
    Liebe Grüße <3

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