The Mori Guides (and how they re-kindled my love for the style, kind of)

My Mori Journal | HedgefairyIn my latest 10 Things post I listed a post series from tumblr called More Kei Guides (part 1|part 2|part 3). In part one the author, Tumblr user Baaikha, suggests writing a list full of reasons and inspirations for one’s personal foray into the fashion and lifestyle, and of course I obliged (who doesn’t love filling out questionnaires like this?).

My Mori Journal | HedgefairyThis is what my list looked like – the guide specifically asked for pen and paper instead of electronics. And while I read and thought and wrote I noticed how much I had missed Mori Kei in all it’s variations. I missed the tenderness, the inspiration it brought me, the focused life choices. It made me miss all the sources I drew inspiration from, too, for my coordinates and lifestyle ideas – Anne of Green Gables, the mice of Brambly Hedge, Sarah Kay, among many more.

I had never really fallen out of love with Mori Kei. There were just so many other things occupying my mind and the space where what I inaptly call my “mori senses” used to be. A community full of introverts (with me among them) and a retreat from online life for a while didn’t exactly help, either. My once-passionate love had been reduced to glowing embers, not yet gone, but on their way there.

My Mori Journal | HedgefairyThe Mori Guides managed to fan those embers back into flames. Not a big, roaring (forest, haha) fire but a comfy hearth fire, what would be the balefire of a Boggan freehold in my beloved Changeling: The Dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, I’m back in reveries about picnics and crochet lace again, reenacting scenes from my favourite children’s classics. But at the same time I dream of untamed adventures, rugged edges and wild storms. All those things are part of nature, of my nature, too. I’m thinking about incorporating my love for punk into my longings for ruffles and plant dye. I’m pondering the accessory choices of mermaids that rob drowned sailors’ graves. There is also the thought of tomboy adventures while still wearing dreamy things. I don’t know yet where this picked-up-again journey will lead me, fashion- and lifestyle-wise. What I do know is that I want to be part of this beautiful community of forest – make that general wilderness, another thing that keeps my thoughts on this busy at the moment – dwellers again, be they satyrs, forest trolls or dryads.

Have you ever found yourself falling back in love with a style (or a lifestyle)? It surely happens to me every once in a while…


10 thoughts on “The Mori Guides (and how they re-kindled my love for the style, kind of)

  1. Wonderful! I’m going to do the questionnaire as soon as I get home and find a nice notebook.
    I understand what you mean about life and other interests crowding for space in your head. As much as I love Mori Kei, I also love the pastels and kiddiness and kitschiness of Fairy Kei, the prettiness but slight creepiness of Yume Kawaii and trying to incorporate my fandoms somehow.
    I hope you’ll show us how you continued with the guide and how it influences your fashion. (I love your ootds anyway ;) )

    1. Oh, I had to look up Yume Kawaii first but that’s pretty cool, yes! Thanks for the compliment on my OOTDs, I’m still trying to remember taking pictures more often. ^^

  2. Dankeschön!

    Ich studiere Modedesign und schreibe grade meine BA über Mori Kei (beinhaltet die Analyse des Stils und eine Kollektion) und ich bin dankbar über jeden Krümel an Informationen, den ich finde.

    Wünsch Dir noch einen schönen Sonntag =)

    LG, Penny

    1. Wow, wie cool! Ich würde die BA wirklich gerne lesen/sehen, wenn sie fertig ist, wär das möglich? :)
      Falls ich dir noch irgendwie helfen kann, sag Bescheid!

  3. Oooh, mori kei is just wonderful! And your handwriting is soooo beautiful.
    I can relate to fall back in love with styles. I had a long period of time where I dressed gothic victorian, but then it changed to a more 1940’s-1950’s look. Now I’m definitely back at the victorian-inspired. I love neo victorian or “messy/filthy victorian” as I like to call it sometimes. I love dressing up as the lower class in the victorian era, but in a “neo victorian” way..<3 I feel a lot more like myself again somehow, even though I LOVE 40's fashion. It just don't represent me that well and I don't feel quite as home as in the victorian style.
    I also have periods where I love everything fae/medieval/renaissance, hehe.

    1. I absolutely adore your style. I think fae/medieval/rennaissance fits in well with the messy Victorian theme, given the romantic notions the Victorians had about those times (or at least some parts of society)! Have you ever seen Desperate Romantics? It’s a series about the Pre-Raphaelites and I think you might like it.
      Thanks for the compliment on my handwriting, love!

      1. Thank you! And you’re right about they fit well together!
        I haven’t seen that, but I’ll check it out, thanks.

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