Plastic Free July: Week 1

Now that we’re (a bit more than) one week into July it’s time to take a step back and look at my single-use plastic waste so far.

Plastic Free July 2017 | HedgefairyKeeping a separate bag for my single-use plastics proves to be really useful for the analysis of my plastic use patterns. There are a few things that I simply can’t avoid and some that are so easily avoidable that it’s almost funny that I didn’t up until now.

Most plastic waste in this bag is stuff I shared with others, though, in proportion (which means that we simply cut the packaging in half for my bag). This is something I struggle with so far – you can’t make the people around you follow your goals. I can’t make my boyfriend – who does most of the cooking around here – quit using things packaged in plastic. He has to want this on his own, everything else would be toxic and stressful. I’m not a missionary, and there is nothing more annoying than someone who desperately wants you to change your ways through shaming you into submission, be it by words or passive-agressive silence.

106_2692Plastic Free July 2017 | Hedgefairy

The hard facts for Week 1:

Weight: 150g
Not avoidable: contact lens fluid bottle, medication blister packs
Definitely avoidable: yoghurt container, sweets packaging, bath additive pack
Probably avoidable: misc. food packaging

I’m out camping (read: LARPing) from Wednesday to Sunday this week and I’m sharing food with four others so I really don’t know yet how well this will go plastic-wise. We’ll see.


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