Finished Things Saturday: Tripod Sleeves

Tripod Sleeves | HedgefairyWhile I don’t take as many outfit pictures as I’d like to and don’t film as much either (or rather I don’t get to the editing process) I have two tripods that I love and that live behind my bedroom door. The tiny one was a Yuletide present from Scoundrel and the big one was a lucky find at the thrift store. They kept falling over, however, and they didn’t exactly look decorative, either.

Tripod Sleeves | HedgefairyAnd as I sometimes have to haul them somewhere – my Mum’s place, a place for OOTDs or somewhere with bad lighting where I need longer exposure – I decided that I could just sew sleeves for them, and add carrier strings while I was at it.

Tripod Sleeves | HedgefairyThe fabric is a heavy canvas, scraps of a LARP vest Scoundrel made for himself a few months ago. Everything else was at hand already, too, and I finally could use up two of my old Hedgefairy labels, stencilled rose hips that I made when I still was at school.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I hope you have less rain than we do.


5 thoughts on “Finished Things Saturday: Tripod Sleeves

  1. I think the tripods almost look like they’re modelling their new outfits in the first photo! The rosehip labels are very pretty.

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