Plastic Free July, Week 3

Plastic Free July 2017, Week 3 | HedgefairyThis is the first time I post about this at the start of the actual next week so the tally is a bit lower than during the last two weeks. Hopefully.
Thank you so much for the feta-related input, by the way! We haven’t had anything that required feta since then yet but we’ll definitely look into buying it either from the fresh things counter or in oil.

Plastic Free July 2017, Week 3 | HedgefairyI noticed that next to food packaging craft supply collateral is the biggest offender in my quest for less plastic, but sadly a quite unavoidable one.

The hard facts for Week 3:

Weight: 100g
Not avoidable: Med blister packs, as always, some price stickers
Definitely avoidable: Again, the packaging of my favourite sweets. Gotta stop with that. Gotta bake more instead. One yoghurt container because I didn’t get to the right supermarket in time but after that I just stocked up on glass jar yoghurt.
Probably avoidable: Some of the craft supply packaging? There are still food items which I could probably find a workaround for, too.

Plastic Free July 2017, Week 3 | HedgefairySo far so okay. I think my average is about 120g/week which doesn’t sound all that much, but it that a reason to stop reducing? No, I don’t think so. It’s also fun, actually, it’s like trying to beat your high score in a mini-game.


2 thoughts on “Plastic Free July, Week 3

  1. I find these types of posts so helpful! I really need to get on with this too and try to cut down on all of the plastic in my life as I always find it in unnecessary packaging from food items etc. so the pros and the cons you listed were really useful. I’ve seen a lot of people going to their local greengrocers/butchers/bakers now and just taking things home in containers and I really like that idea, just need to find a workaround for some of the other things that aren’t always at those places. Must remember to try and stay on top of your posts too! – Tasha

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