Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 5

Mori Challenge: Name 5 Things you dislike about Mori | Hedgefairy***

Name 5 things you dislike about Mori.

  1. The way the community is a sleeping beauty. It’s not that there are no communities for Mori folks out there, they just tend to go quiet after a while, only one board active at best. The only really lively community I’ve seen lately would be on facebook. I’m even part of the problem, always forgetting to post in boards or too shy to partake. I hope I can change that in the future, waking up the community one post at a time.
  2. How almost all blogs are gone by now. There used to be a fair amount of Mori blogs – traditional blogs like mine and some tumblrs, too – around but I feel like most of them either stopped updating or “left” the fashion for good or just vanished from the face of the web. At the moment I enjoy reading Kathryn Elaine’s blog, Senchadays (hej Rhiannon!) and Life at Blueberry Barn (not decidedly Mori but it certainly fits the vibe). If you happen to know more still-active Mori blogs, please let me know!
  3. The focus on fashion. As I mentioned in my last challenge post I’m a lifestyle Mori person. Just as with Lolita most people in the style say that there isn’t such a thing as a decided “Mori Lifestyle”, but I refuse to accept that. I love reading and seeing other’s Mori-style adventures, food photographs and book or film choices just as much as their outfits!
  4. “Stop wanting practical Mori!”, based on this Mori confession. Yes, skirts and dresses can work equally well for adventures in the woods as pants but at the same time I know from growing up in the hedges and hiking that frills and dainty lace aren’t a thing for it. I think in this case “practical Mori” should be treated a bit like “casual Lolita” (whatever happened to that, by the way?), like a subset term meant for sturdier everyday wear.
  5. The lack of pants. Because I think that pants are to be part of this fashion, too. Because it makes it easier for pants-only wearing people to join if they find inspiration first. Because I actually like wearing pants. I should just make a few outfits myself rather soon. I will.

This post is part of the 30 Question Mori Kei Challenge. For other posts from this challenge, please look here for all the questions!


5 thoughts on “Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 5

  1. It’s a shame there isn’t an irl community, it would be so fun! Woods walks and all that!

    Personally I’d wear dresses anywhere, maybe with leggings as I hate pants with a passion but I think people should do what they want!

  2. I’m surprised that my blog could still be considered mori! True, I started it when I was more into the fashion/going to meets (when it was mainly livejournal based, before the facebook group started), but I haven’t been active in the community for years now ^^; Maybe I became a lifestyle mori without realising it…or maybe I’m just being me :P

    I really hear you on the “practical mori” point, though. When doing hiking or foraging or “real forest things”, I end up pushing through bushes and brambles, sitting on the ground, walking through mud and so on. And you can totally be a badass forest explorer in skirts and dresses! But personally, now I have to make/pay for/repair my own clothes, I’d just rather not do it in my nice lacy things. It’s nice to be pretty, but just as nice to be practical and respectful of your belongings (mottainai!) ;)

    And I love pants too :) I always liked the rolled up boyfriend jeans/old sweater/patterned socks type mori look.

    (I’m going hiking this weekend, this has given me a lot to think about, outfit-wise, hmm…)

    1. I absolutly consider yours a blog super-compatible with my idea of a Mori lifestyle! ♥
      Mottainai is something that I’d definitely put in there, too.
      If you ever want to brainstorm about practical Mori hiking/foraging/adventuring clothing, drop me a comment! :D

      1. Thanks, what a compliment ^.^ Same to you!

        And now I’m thinking that this is a good opportunity to work medieval-style skirt hikes into my daily wardrobe! They always looked so adventurer-y and piratey to me :D

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