Go On And Cross The Threshold Well


I’ve been a bit absent in the time leading to and during the holidays thanks to the lack of an internet connection of our own at the new flat (yet) and excessive playing of Don’t Starve as well as extra work and resulting stress. I’ve taken a week off, finally, to start my new year with self-care, to replenish my energies and get back my inner strength. I hope you are all well – fed, rested, warm (but not too hot, for you in the Southern hemisphere) – and if you are not I hope you soon will be.

I wish you the best of transitions into the new year – how I long for the sound of the bells announcing that 2017 with all its trouble has passed, to chime out change and new hope, lightened up by fireworks. I’m so glad we made it to Winter Solstice already, and that the longest night is over. I’m spending the night with friends and food and rum and sparklers (and probably explosives, too, yeah) here at the new nest above the backyards.

Have a wonderful last night of the Year of the Star and an even better start into the Year of the Moon. I’ll see you all in 2018!

Any thoughts?

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