Happy 2018 ♥

Happy 2018 ♥ | Hedgefairy https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comWe’ve done it. 2017 is behind us, and with it all those exhausting things that happened. I’ll keep the bright memories with the others and I’m looking forward to the year that lies stretched out before me with hope and curiosity.

Happy 2018 ♥ | Hedgefairy https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comI hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and didn’t get burned or ‘sploded. Ours was too windy to light the sparklers on the balcony from which we watched the fireworks but it was still magnificent.

Happy 2018 ♥ | Hedgefairy https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comMy main resolution for 2018 and all the years to come after is more self-care. When I looked at the fireworks lighting up Hanover and was happy to spot so many of my favourites – white chrysanthemum ones that shoot up as normal rockets first and only bloom after those have glittered up the sky – it dawned on me that I actually deserve good things. All the good things. I’m not that good at self-care yet but the first thing I did was take the first week of the year off – to concentrate on the things I really want. And I’m learning.

Happy 2018 ♥ | Hedgefairy https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comThis is the year of the Moon, and I’ll make it my own.

What are your resolutions?

Any thoughts?

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