UFO Friday

UFO Friday is my (usually) bi-weekly series where I show you what projects I’ve been working on (UFO standing for UnFinished Objects). For more of these, look here and for every other week’s feature, Finished Things Saturday, look here.

106_4283This magnificent piece of timeless rain protection has been taking up space in my UFO sideboard for quite some time now. I always had the plan to strip and then rebuild it with something a bit more elegant or cute to ultimately use it as a parasol.106_4284I finally started – the original plastic cover doesn’t even have normal seams but is fused rather than sewn – by taking the thing apart. The plastic was quite sticky so its heyday was kind of over, anyway. It still saddened me a little bit, I really like clear umbrellas and I adore the retro look of this one.106_4285

I’ve only come as far as to trace one of the segments this week – Scoundrel’s got a friend over for the weekend so the livingroom/craft den is freelancing as our guest room at the moment. I can’t wait to resume working on it next week!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.
What are you working on at the moment?

Any thoughts?

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