Hedgevlog #11/2018: Life Update

I write this while I’m already logged into our hostel’s WiFi. I hope you’re all well and happy and I hope I’ll be able to tune in now and then during my stay here!

2 thoughts on “Hedgevlog #11/2018: Life Update

  1. A Harry Dresden RPG sounds really cool. Sadly the next book was postponed until next Christmas. (Instead, in a frenzy of binge-reading, I read all of the Dragaera novels by Steven Brust which remind me a lot of Harry with their first-person smartass narrator. The main character is Vladimir Taltos, a human mafia Hitman in a world that is ruled by arrogant, long lived elves who regard humans as scum. Hilarity ensues because said Hitman has at least as much talent for getting into serious trouble as Harry Dresden. Also those books contain one of the very few elves that I actually like. Gothic Elven Evil Dark Lord Wizard with a soul-eating magic sword as his familiar. His hobbies include decadent parties, exploring forbidden chaos magic and wading in the blood of his enemies. And he ist the main character’s best friend…)
    And I am really looking forward to your character creation videos! I love building characters and despite all those character building programmes I still build most of my RPG characters completely by hand.

Any thoughts?

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