Something Borrowed: Zakka

zakka2I love checking out craft books. My growing collection of thrifted books is mostly from the 70s and 80s, with all the nice and not so nice things this entails (the boxy cuts. Oh wow, the boxy cuts.). But each time I go to the library I wander by the hobby shelves, scouring the boards for yet unknown treasures, and Handmade Zakka & Craft by TUESDAY – designer couple Togawa Tomo and Togawa Chiyo – was one of them.

Zakka Cover BNN
cover of the English edition via BNN

With everyday material and a little creativity, you can make fun, original, and cute objects.
This book introduces you cute and easy ideas to make everyday life more colorful!
Learn the fun of creating room ornaments from paper and thread, accessories from felt, the most exciting party items, and picture collections to enjoy with families! Children also love reading this book with you.

zakka4While none of the featured techniques were a mystery to me I enjoyed the book for its lovely ideas and the combination of really good design and simplicity. The Togawas prove that things don’t need to be complicated to look great, something a lot of other craft books either don’t mention or don’t achieve. It fits fantastically into the early Mori Kei aesthetic, calm and sweet and handmade, that I adore.

zakka6The overall design of the book is so charming, from the listing of materials in visual form to the artist features that are at the end of each chapter.

zakka5zakka1None of the materials used are really fancy in any way, nothing you wouldn’t get at the dollar store or even thrifted for a bargain on short notice, and they even make use of everyday items that are subsequently turned into indie movie-worthy art.

If you’re looking for inspiration for small, quirky projects this is the right book for you. My creativity was triggered by a house stencil skirt, I might have somewhere I want to go from there in mind, and I love it.

zakka7zakka3I’m also a big fan of just using small things, toys, tools, everything really, as jewelery so I was smitten to see something like it here!

The book has seven categories, stationary, toys and decoration among them and even a few recipes, so everyone should find something here. And the publisher is right, this would make a great book to introduce crafting to kids – but not only kids – with. With its neat design and the effortlessness of the projects that can be made in half an afternoon it’s just right to get someone into making things.

zakka8Would I read it again? Sure, and now that I browsed BNN’s craft book section I might need to make a bit more space on my craft book shelf. Yikes.

Something Borrowed is the title for my posts about books, comics and other works from the library. Libraries are amazing, please use them.

Pictures in order of appearance from the German edition (ISBN 978-3-86355-101-8):
TUESDAY T’s, p. 2 | miniature garden, p. 50 | material, p. 6 | fruit sticker art, p. 27 | googly eye cars, p. 109 | toy necklaces, p. 78 | toy pins, p. 81 | magnet fishing game, p. 111

Any thoughts?

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