10 Things I ♥ in July

from left to right: Rocococeane, Versailles and Phryne
  1. Rocococeane on Instagram. Her style is so over-the-top kitschy, inspired by old porcelain figurines, Victorian stickers and huge kiddie diamond accessoires, all mixed together in a fantastic thing that is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and romantic looks featuring tons of shiny satin from the 80s, and fiercely individualistic, too. Gotta love it.
  2. I’ve been bingeing Versailles on Netflix and Verdinium is right, it’s marvellous. My favourite is definitely Lieselotte of the Palatinate (and the two Philippes, they are hilarious, melodramatic and heartwarming at the same time), I’ve always admired her very casual letters but after the portrayal here I love her even more.
  3. Now that I’m through with the former I’m currently re-watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and the series hasn’t lost any charm since the last time. I still adore Phryne’s lavish wardrobe, Mac’s snarky remarks, Jack’s chemistry with the leading lady and the overall lively, feminist spirit.
  4. Listing to Port, the most precious Tumblr account I’ve found lately. Their writing is beautifully whimsical, and very close to my kind of reality. My first few favourites would be Seven Perilious Cakes, Things in the Heart of a Rose, Ten Punks (I want Bibliopunk so desperately in my life), Safer of the Fairy Fruits and of course the beautiful tale of Seven Sons.
  5. The Explore Live Cams are kind of my go-to at the moment to run in the background when I’m cleaning my room or just want a serene moment to myself (although I’d recommend turning off the sound for most things aside from the underwater cams).
  6. Prepping for ConQuest. Same procedure as every year, and I’m so excited our little group is growing! I didn’t get around to making as much stuff for our camp as I would have liked to but that won’t stop me from having a fantastic time!
  7. Days by the Lakeside.
  8. Even though (or maybe because) it’s super kitschy I adore these vintage Lady LovelyLocks illustrations. What’s especially lovely are the details like the ribbon lattice on Lady’s bodice, the skirt layers and the translucent veils over RavenHair’s dress. And while the cartoon cannot be called clever or enticing anymore and isn’t really up to modern standards either at least the girls made do without a male hero to rescue them most of the time.
  9. Tracing Real Body Models, a fantastic project aspiring to give artists and designers templates that don’t adhere to catwalk standards but are instead based on actual not-a-model people.
  10. My Grandmother sends me her favourite poems in her letters. 

I’m of course wildly aware that it’s August by now. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t make it to one of these posts in time but I was horribly busy with my last bits of ConQuest prep. Now that the busy part of Summer is over maybe we’ll return to more regular updates here, too…
I hope you’re having a wonderful (and not too hot) time!

2 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in July

  1. I know that I am fashionally late with that comment about your post of leaving steampunk and I wrote quite thoroughly about leaving another community. It is just that an oldschool Indiana Jones-style explorer and adventurer is just what I truly am. Steampunk isn’t entirely dead yet, at least not for me. It is just that the scene needs some other interesting scenarios apart from the ubiquitous Victorian London(TM). My ultimate Steampunk epiphany happened when one of my favourite bands of all time suddenly thew out an 18 minute-song about an airship crash on their latest album at the end of 2015. This band exists for about 40 years now, they never hat any inclinations towards that scene and then they did. That. Song. I was so absolutely flashed. And that are those things that still make me a Queen of Bolts and Steam at heart.

    1. I’m all for people with a vision keeping the scene alive! I’m so happy that your own love for Steampunk keeps on burning, my post about leaving is something that applies to me, first an foremost. I still love the aesthetics and the underlying idea, I just don’t see myself within the scene anymore. :)

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